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Find Balance in your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing

Love, Thought, and Intuition are put into each and every Dang Essentials product. With every creation developed to be safe to use. Providing you with the best ingredients possible for everyday use. 

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I LOVE the Breathe Again Inhaler! I have pretty bad allergies and get congested quite easily. The Inhaler is a great, natural way to clear my sinus instead of taking medicine every time I'm congested. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


First off, let me tell you about my favorite product from Dang Essentials. I am currently on my second bottle of the “Sleep Spray”. I LOVE IT! If you’re like me and have such a hard time falling asleep, this works like magic. A few sprays all over my pillow and blanket, and I’m down like a baby! My husband uses it too. Another product I love using is Dang Essential’s roller for your tummy. It helps with any kind of indigestion, bloating or gas. I just apply it to my abdominal area as well as my chest before + after I had a meal (which would normally upset my stomach). I’m telling you, it works miracles. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DANG ESSENTIALS!!!! Will be purchasing more products shortly :)


The Citrus Deodorant Spray is my absolute #1 favorite Dang Essentials product. I swear I've purchased about 3 going onto my 4th bottle, this is NOT a lie. I have a TERRIBLE arm pit stench, and I have a history of skin reactions to deodorant sticks. I've tried sooo many deodorants in my lifetime (sticks, gels, and sprays), and NOTHING worked half as good as Dang Essentials' Deodorant Spray; and because it's all-natural, I no longer get armpit rash like how I used to using other deodorants! Fun tip for anyone that has it: I spray it on my feet before I put my socks on, and it's significantly decreased how stink my shoes, socks, and feet are at the end of my day.


When I first found out I was pregnant, aside from being extremely hormonal, I was having trouble eating. A lot of things I ate would make me nauseous.. I decided to ask Ann to make me some products that could help with the nausea.. originally I had asked her for a spray, just cause I figured it would be easiest.. she put a lot of hard work and research into making a product that would benefit me the most, & decided that a spray wouldn’t be the best candidate. Of course, Ann being the amazing friend that she is, only wanted to make a product that what was safe for my pregnancy & would work best to help me. She ended up creating the “Queasy Relief” inhaler for me instead! Boy, oh boy, what a game changer it’s been. The inhaler is compact, so I can keep it in my purse wherever I go. It works wonders for my nausea, and it smells amazing!!