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Find Balance in your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing

Love, Thought, and Intuition are put into each and every Dang Essentials product. With every creation developed to be safe to use. Providing you with the best ingredients possible for everyday use. 

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Love these blends! My niece had a headache so I applied the Headache Relief on her temples. She said she was instantly relieved of her headache! She usually takes advil so I gave the roller to her and said go all natural! Buy these blends from Dang Essentials!

Rhonda E

I LOVE the Breathe Again Inhaler! I have pretty bad allergies and get congested quite easily. The Inhaler is a great, natural way to clear my sinus instead of taking medicine every time I'm congested. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


I really like the grounding inhaler. I'm a project engineer in construction and I use it mostly when I'm at work. I use it when I need to de-stress and it helps so much. I keep it in my pocket most days but lately I've been forgetting to bring it back to work. When that happens, I get bummed out and I wish I had it with me! Maybe Dang Essentials can make a roller or something to help with my forgetfulness!


I recently got the allergy relief inhaler and headache relief roller. Yesterday and this morning I felt really bad, enough so I thought about going to the Dr. I used the allergy relief and headache roller instead, and laid down thinking I would go back to sleep. In less than an hour, I felt much better. Not only did I go back to sleep, I didn't need to go to the Dr. too!! So grateful to have these products!!